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The Tully High School lacrosse coaching staff, in conjunction with the Tully Lacrosse Association, is pleased to invite you to our tenth annual Cornfield Classic Lacrosse Invitational on November 1st and 2nd, 2014.  We will host roughly 130 teams from the Varsity, JV, Modified, and 5/6, 3/4 levels on ten fields, in a two-day event, starting at 9 am. 

The Varsity/JV/Modified & 5/6 format is a standard 10-on-10 on a 100 x 60 yard field.  There will be a face-off after each goal and subbing on the fly as there are no horns and no time-outs.  There will be NO body checking and mouth pieces are REQUIRED!  All penalties are one minute except for flagrant fouls which will be full time served and officials will keep track of penalty times.  Each varsity game will have three certified officials JV/Modified & 5/6 will have two certified officials.  Each team is guaranteed 3 contests.  Games will be 44 minutes in length with 22 minutes for the first half and 22 minutes for the second.  Your team will play one game, have an hour off, and then play again.  The time will be kept on the big scoreboard located at the football field.  Teams will not be subject to roster limits, so bring your full squads.  Please note, we will not allow all-star teams or club teams.

The 3/4 format is an 8-on-8 (2 Attack, 3 Midfielders, 2 Defense, 1 Goalie) game on a 40 x 60 yard field with 5 x 5 goals.  There will be a face-off after each goal and subbing on the fly.  There is no 10 second or 20 second clearing clock.  No over the head checks or one handed checks.  NO BODY CHECKING!  No long sticks are permitted.  Each game will have two certified officials and be 44 minutes running time.  The game will be two 22 minute halves.  Each team is guaranteed to play 3 contests.  Your team will play two games, have an hour off, then play your final game.  Team will not be subject to roster limits, so bring your full squads.  No long poles are permitted for the 3/4 games.  Please note, we will not allow all-star teams or club teams.  

All fields are in one location, with never more than a minute walk between fields.  Concessions will be available throughout the day. Parking is close to all fields and sufficient for this size event. All teams must be supervised by on staff personnel of their respective schools.

Thank you and we look forward to your attendance at the ninth annual Cornfield Classic Lacrosse Invitational.

Bill Hardy

Director of Cornfield Classic Lacrosse Invitational


NOVEMBER 2, 2014 $400.00